What is AttitudeWorks?

AttitudeWorks is a boutique organisational development consultancy founded by Michael Rooke in 1997.

We develop the emotional intelligence of leaders and teams and create long-term positive attitudes and behaviours in the workplace. Hundreds of studies have shown the link between an engaged workforce, satisfied customers and a positive impact on company profits.

We’ve helped many businesses – large and small – improve the performance of their people, helping them to enhance the attitudes of their teams and leaders. By doing so, we have helped employees become more productive and satisfied in their jobs.

We develop resilient mindsets, optimistic attitudes and productive workplaces.

Why choose AttitudeWorks?

By working closely with you, we provide tailored solutions to suit your needs, based on the latest research into organisational learning, performance, positive psychology and neuroscience.

Besides training the technical skills of coaching, management or project management, we differentiate ourselves by also looking at attitude. We focus on building the underpinning competencies – psychological capital - needed to apply skills and knowledge to the workplace.

Our philosophy is that with the right attitude, the knowledge is easy to learn and behaviour change comes more readily. We have considerable experience training in skills such as project management, change readiness, emotional intelligence, and leadership; essential skills for people in organisations both large and small. We give you the know-how and tools to create long-lasting results by preparing your people for change. Our services are practical and 100 percent applicable to the workplace. You will see the improvements in the short and the long term.

Our approach

Our strategy to win your loyalty is:

  • A personal approach – we make it our business to care about yours. You will have a single point of contact and we are responsive to your needs.
  • Solutions that are customised to suit your needs – we differentiate ourselves by listening and understanding rather than simply telling you what we think.
  • Building a close working relationship with you, enabling us to understand your specific business and requirements.
  • Helping you to create behavioural change within the organisation – we give you practical tools and know-how so you can use our training at work and show others too.
  • To stay abreast of the latest research – we are constantly learning too, so that our ideas are never stale.

We've helped many organisations achieve more.

Here are some outcomes we have helped our clients achieve:

  • Enhanced leadership capability through development and facilitation of:
    • Trade Me (NZ) Leadership Programme
    • Xero - Managing @ Xero (Global programme for UK, USA, NZ, AUS)
    • Contact Energy New Zealand – The Contact Leadership Development Program (2010 – 2015).
    • Origin Energy – The Origin Leadership Development Program (2006 – 2011 throughout Australia and New Zealand).
  • Developed resilience and interpersonal skills of marketing teams through intensive workshops and follow-up coaching.
  • Built leadership skills of senior managers through individual coaching sessions.
  • Developed leadership and interpersonal skills for management teams through EQ focused workshops and coaching.
  • Created cohesive and effective teams through tailored workshops and coaching.

We create long-term change.

Do our development programs work? We ask participants for their feedback immediately after a training intervention, and again several weeks later. Here’s a summary of what they report:

  • More effective communication.
  • Confidence and readiness to deal with change.
  • Increased engagement and commitment to (and from) the team.
  • Pro-active and resilient attitude to workplace challenges.
  • Providing greater clarity on performance and behavioural expectations.
  • Higher engagement in productive conflict resulting in greater commitment to decisions.
  • Improved level of trust amongst team members.


  • Increased use of a coaching-style of leadership.
  • Improved team results.
  • A reduction of negative emotions, such as frustration, defensiveness and anger.
  • Less avoidance behaviour, resulting in the tackling of issues as they arise.
  • Increased empathy for others.
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change in your organisation.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference