Move beyond spreadsheets and time lines.

We teach the fundamentals of project management: planning, organising, setting and achieving goals, and working in and leading project teams. However, we specifically focus on the human element of project management.

Project teams are made up of individuals who come with a range of personality types, working styles and idiosyncrasies. Project managers need to manage the interacting emotions of a team so that relationships run smoothly, obstacles are tackled and individual team members are coached along the way. A project manager high in emotional intelligence will ensure that this happens.

Our project management training is customised for our clients based on your internal processes, systems and workplace culture.

Michael has taught me much more than the basics of Project Management…[he] has taught me business skills that I can use in any role now or in the future... the benefits of working with data so that I am in a position to make an informed decision... taking a systematic approach to problem solving rather than jumping straight into looking for a solution. Most importantly Michael has taught me about people and communication.



We can tailor project management courses to suit your
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