Improve sales performance by building the emotional intelligence of your people.

This means improving your team’s optimism, confidence and resilience.

Self-limiting beliefs could be holding your salespeople back, stopping them from making sales. Research shows how the deeply-held beliefs of sales people can affect their performance. Your people’s attitudes towards clients, the market, competition and even themselves, can lead to unproductive sales behaviour. Resilience is the competitive edge of successful sales people.

We can help you develop an emotionally intelligent sales team.

Attitudes to selling can be changed. We can help your people build the essential skills for succeeding in sales by increasing their emotional intelligence. If you want to change the attitudes of your people and get them to focus on the high pay-off activities that lead to sales, we can provide training and coaching that is tailored to suit your needs.

If you are not taking care of your customer, your competitor will.


What makes a good salesperson?

Here are the core competencies of a high-performing sales person:

  • Creates and focuses on goals
  • Has a positive outlook and resilient attitude
  • Adapts their style
  • Takes responsibility
  • Has high self-confidence
  • Regulates their emotions
  • Recovers from rejection
  • Uses effective listening and questioning
  • Has commitment
  • Is highly motivated

How well do your sales people align to these competencies?

We can help you with sales training courses that focus on your people.
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