Discover how emotional intelligence can help your organisation.

Our workshops, coaching and behavioural assessments give you the insights and tools to create long-lasting behavioural change. We develop strategies with you to build your team’s psychological capital, resulting in a resilient, optimistic and creative team that is focused on achieving quality results.


Building Cohesive Teams

We will help you build a high performing team, facilitating different personalities and helping them to work together effectively by creating positive working relationships. 

Develop Leadership Capability

We develop leaders by improving their emotional intelligence. They will be more effective at managing and influencing people, leading to higher levels of employee satisfaction.

Create a positive workplace culture

We can help create a positive workplace with clear goals, recognition, open communication and a culture for learning, enabling teams to reach a higher level of performance. 


Our coaches aim to bring out the best in an individual or team, to enable the team to work better as a whole. The focus is on enhancing the performance of an already talented individual, in one-to-one coaching sessions.

Project Management Skills

We teach the fundamentals of project management: planning, organising, setting and achieving goals, and working in and leading project teams. We specifically focus on the human element of project management.

Sales Training

Discover how you can improve sales performance by building the emotional intelligence of your people. This means improving your team’s optimism, confidence and resilience.

Behavioural Tools & Assessments

We are accredited in using several psychological profiling instruments to help you learn about yourself. These are best used in conjunction with a training program to develop your skills.

Keynote Speeches

Impress your audience with a speaker who’s entertaining and thought-provoking. Our aim is to engage the audience, leaving you informed and motivated. 

Our Clients

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