Develop Leadership Capability

Good leadership - at whatever level in your organisation - will mean your employees are more motivated and productive.

Leaders that get results are effective at managing and influencing people. Employee satisfaction is more highly correlated with management style than salary.

We develop leaders by improving their emotional intelligence: more effective communication, better capacity to deal with change, increasedempathy, and a reduction of negative emotions and destructive behaviours.

Discover how emotional intelligence training can transform your people into great leaders. Many people are promoted to managementbecause of their technical skills. There is a step change required when moving from managing self to managing others. Technical skills are important but emotions play a significant role too. After all, organisations are made up of people and relationships – not just spreadsheets, computers and flow charts.

Emotional intelligence means understanding emotions and expressing them effectively and appropriately. The emotionally intelligent manager has good communication, interpersonal interactions and initiative. The result is a team with strong leadership, where members listen to each other, handle change effectively and deliver sustainable results.

We can help you build the emotional capabilities of your leaders by using behavioural assessment tools, training and coaching tailored for the needs of your organisation.

We should take care not to make the intellect our god. It has of course muscles, but no personality. It cannot lead, it can only serve ?



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"I cannot recommend Michael highly enough. His Leadership Development course is the best Leadership Course I have attended. Michael is an excellent course leader and extremely knowledgeable. The DiSC profile is certainly key to becoming a good leader, and Michael's delivery of these concepts is second to none."

Stuart Oakey
Leader & Operations Supervisor at Contact Energy Ltd

"Michael Rooke has that WOW factor that so many facilitators lack. We consider ourselves to be very lucky to have secured his services and I can assure you that other companies would feel the same way. I would bump him up to the top of the facilitator list if I were you because if one facilitator can secure your repeat business, it is Michael Rooke."

Milo-Arne Peady
Macquarie Bank

"Michael packs his Leadership courses with engaging ideas and tips & tricks to help leaders develop and realise their own potential. He works hard to strike the right balance in team activities and his content was peppered with insightful fun video clips which aided the demonstration of key points and insights."

Justine Grieve
Manager, Insurance Programs

"I knew our audience expected a lot. Michael met their expectations, then exceeded them. He spoke on emotional intelligence, and our audience lapped it up. They loved it. Michael made the presentation very interactive and entertaining. People laughed a lot, yet were highly engaged. He clearly practices what he preaches - he’s a very friendly, authentic human being, and a pleasure to work with. I unreservedly recommend Michael as a speaker and trainer on emotional intelligence."

Paul Jones
Last Thursday Club (networking for Sydney's creatives)

"AttitudeWorks' facilitation style, wealth of knowledge and ability to get a group contributing and problem solving within a leadership course was second to none. They constantly challenged my thinking during the course and I felt the impact on my leadership style, and awareness post the course, was instantaneous.

Michael has a genuine interest in the success of those involved which speaks to how invested he is in the development of others...I would recommend any business serious about developing their leaders to look no further than Michael and the team at AttitudeWorks."

Paul Mant
Sales Director at Trade Me

"We selected AttitudeWorks, and in particular Michael, to deliver leadership training to our 50 plus people leaders in the organisations. I was highly impressed with the four day, plus follow up day, leadership course Michael delivered and in fact rated it the best leadership course I have attended in my 25 year career. His delivery was superb and he achieved an excellent balance between teaching, group discussion, case study and group break out work. All my direct reports also noted the quality of the course and everyone had some great takeaways that they are putting into practice. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael to other organisations looking for high quality leadership training."

Nigel Jeffries
Head of Trade Me Property