Develop leadership skills with emotional intelligence training.

Leaders that get results are effective at managing and influencing people. Employee satisfaction is more highly correlated with management style than salary. 

We develop leaders by improving their emotional intelligence: more effective communication, better capacity to deal with change, increased empathy, and a reduction of negative emotions and destructive behaviours. 

Good leadership – at whatever level in your organisation- will mean your employees are more motivated and productive. 

We’re passionate about emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Our mission is to help you and those around you use your mind more effectively. Your attitude is a powerful tool that enables you to be optimistic, resilient and creative.

We can help you and your people get the right attitude to reach a higher level of performance.

We work with you to create a positive ‘can do’ attitude in your workplace. Based on the latest psychological research, we provide coaching and training in management and team performance.

Create a positive workplace culture for outstanding performance.

Emotional competence, like self-management and social skills, enables teams to reach a higher level of performance. 

We address your workplace needs to build a culture of self-awareness and effective behaviours. We can help create a positive workplace with clear goals, recognition, open communication and a culture for learning. 

Our services include psychological assessments of team dynamics, training and ongoing coaching to improve performance.