Attitudes at work

In the workplace a positive attitude will prepare you for reaching peak performance, while creating a can-do culture.

Positive attitudes lead to:

Resilience – Bouncing back from adversities is quicker and easier if you view failure as a learning experience and look for new approaches, rather than blaming yourself or others and thinking that the task is too hard or the world is unfair.

Optimism – Success, longevity and happiness are all by-products of optimism. With an optimistic attitude, you will see yourself as being able to influence the world and will carry a flame of hope that enables you to take risks and accept failure.

Confidence – Confidence stems from optimism. If you are confident, you believe in your own abilities and think you have the ability to impact your environment. Your confidence remains steady during setbacks, because you see them merely as challenges, and are ready to take new risks.

Creativity – Positive attitudes are at the heart of innovation, because it takes a risk to try something different. Without confidence and hope, you would not attempt a new idea.

Conflict resolution - If you pause and think, you can probably think of dozens of examples of where differing attitudes have caused problems or conflict in your personal and professional relationships. Conflict arises because we expect everyone to have the same attitude as ourselves. But, with a positive attitude you can build your empathy and can more readily see how other people think and feel.

Emotional intelligence – Once you have the attitude, you will find your emotional intelligence moving into overdrive. This will enable you to better manage and express your emotions and understand others.

Achievement drive – The attitude of achievement, i.e. the will to get results, enables you to set challenging goals, take calculated risks and learn how to improve performance.

Motivation – Surveys show that most people’s motivation in their job comes from stimulation and challenge – the chance to learn. Bringing an optimistic attitude to the workplace will create a culture of innovation. The creativity and stimulation of ideas will keep you and your workforce motivated and keen to learn.

Focus – If you are focused, you are committed to tasks, take responsibility for them and are able to align your goals with the company’s goals.