Trying to come up with a new idea? Get a group together and brainstorm ideas, right? Wrong. The best way to brainstorm is on your own. Well, unless you’re trying to solve a logical problem. Then you need three people. That’s what scientists are telling us, anyway.

We are more creative on our own.

Do you brainstorm better in a group or as an individual? You probably think you’re achieving more in a group, but the truth is you’re most likely better off going solo. Most research concludes people are more creative on their own, even though most people assume groups will come up with better ideas. Psychologists call it the illusion of group of productivity. We call it the “feel good” not “get good” syndrome, because while people feel good after brainstorming in a group, the results aren’t necessarily good.

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Does a leader’s behaviour really impact on employees' productivity? In short, yes. Research into leadership shows employees' perceptions of their team leaders has an enormous impact on the team's creativity and productivity.

In a study, carried out over an 18-week period by Harvard Business School, 238 employees from seven successful companies were asked to recount one event each day that stood out in their minds. By analysing nearly 12,000 diary entries, the results found that the most frequent event recorded was employees' interactions with their team leaders.

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